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1. How did ProLife Europe start? What is the mission?

ProLife Europe was founded on March 24th 2019. So we’ve been active for a little over four years by now. Our founding team consisted of ten young adults between 25 and 32 from Germany, Austria, Portugal and one girl from the US. Our mission is to help create a culture of life in Europe by enabling students and young professionals to share their opinion and defend life wherever they are.

Our structure is very simple. ProLife Europe is an organization registered in Germany. Wherever we find young people who want to get active with us, we help them start a local group – either in their city or directly at a university. The organization has currently six employees that provide all the necessary support and materials for the groups to start.

We engage in on- and offline activities. Both ProLife Europe itself and most groups are active on Social Media, mainly Instagram at this point. Our main focus offline is on so called outreaches. An outreach basically means that you get one or two other group members, you go to your university or town center and confront people with their opinion about abortion. The goal is to engage in open, friendly discussion where we try to shift their focus toward the truth behind abortion. We don’t expect to shift one person’s opinion to being pro-life right away, but we want to plant a seed that can grow in the future.
Apart from that, groups are very free in planning their activities. Some have hosted movie-nights, have handed out flyers or also flowers for example Mother’s day, some are very active in Social Media. It very much depends on the different characters within a group. 

Photo: ProLife Europe

2. How did you join the pro-life movement?

A friend of mine invited me a few times to activities from a different organization, called Youth for Life in Austria. After my first weekend I knew I wanted to continue. The final push was reading “Unplanned” from Abby Johnson (maybe you know it, it’s been made into a movie by now). I remember reading about her own experiences with abortion and then thinking: Okay, that’s it. If this is what is happening to women, then I can’t just be at home sitting on my couch anymore. So I got active, and started giving talks in schools.
Two years later I was asked if I wanted to join the founding team of ProLife Europe. I knew that the focus for ProLife Europe would be on university students and I immediately knew that we desperately needed such a movement here in Europe, so I said yes.

There are different factors that keep on motivating me. One for sure are all the men and women I know who had an abortion and are suffering so deeply. One are all the people I get to talk with when doing an outreach. I’ve never been yelled at or anything. People want to talk and nobody else is telling them the truth. And I also hope that all the time I invest just helps at least one mother to choose life for her baby – then it was all worth wile! 

Photo: ProLife Europe

3. Did your perception of the pro-life cause change over the years? How?

I think one thing that’s been happening in the last years is that the movement is becoming more and more professional – and that is a great thing. We need the best materials, modern graphics and have to use the language that pro-abortion-supporters understand. We cannot keep using “Abortion is murder!” as our only argument, although it’s true that there is a child dying at every abortion. People, especially the younger generation have totally forgotten or are very talented ad ignoring the fact that the unborn child is a human being. But I honestly think that the pro-life movement is on a good way here!

4. What are, in your opinion, the most significant achievements from ProLife Europe for now? And for the pro-life movement in general?

This is a tough question! 😉 I think for us within the last years our biggest achievements are normalizing the idea of an outreach (meaning getting students exited about the idea of having open discussions about abortion with their peers) and implementing the idea of becoming university groups and having the courage to “out” themselves at their universities. Many people are pro-life – more than we often think – but many lack the resources, but especially the courage to be open about it. That’s what we expect from our students. We have to step out of their comfort zone if we want to end abortions. And I’m proud of every student who is willing to do just that.

In general I think there have been many achievements during the 50 years that we are now fighting against abortion in the West. The biggest I think was the end of “Roe vs. Wade” in the US. Not only because of the impact it is having there as we speak, but it showed the world – every pro-lifer in every other country – that hard work and dedication do pay off, even if it takes longer than we would wish. So it was an enormous encouragement for myself and all of us as ProLife Europe.

5. What do you consider the most pressing pro-life issues in Europe? What are your main concerns about the developments in society?

For one, the ongoing legalizations of home-abortions through the abortion pill, because I think there are very many women suffering greatly and nobody’s watching. Plus it’s a huge step to further normalizing abortions in the public opinion. That I think is my main concern. Society is constantly told that abortions are normal, that they are standard health care procedures and without risks. This is why talking with people is so important. They need to hear the truth behind abortion and start realizing that we are silently allowing women to suffer instead of helping them.

Photo: ProLife Europe

6. What is your vision for the pro-life movement in Europe?

The movement has grown a lot during the last year. We are not the only organization that started their work during the last five years. Also there are more and more Marches for Life taking place with steady growing numbers of people attending. I think it’s good think that new organizations start to work. Every organization has a unique approach and a different target group. I hope that more organizations will continue to professionalize. There is still room for improvement for example with how many organizations employ paid employees for all the work. I know finances are always tight (it’s the same for us) but with professional fundraising it’s possible to have part or full time employees and then you can implement projects and campaigns on a much bigger and more professional level.

7. What is your vision for ProLife Europe?

Pro-Life Groups in every European country and one or two campaigns every year where all of them are active on the same day to show that we are a big movement and that ending abortion in our lifetime is not just a silly dream, but a real possibility.

8. Are there some anecdotes you are willing to share?

I had a talk with a young woman in Berlin once. I remember her first reaction being: “Why are you asking me about abortion. Are you pro-life? Why???” It was like she couldn’t even imagine anyone being against abortion. We talked for about 45 minutes. Agreed on the fact that we need changes in our society so women had better options, easy access to funding and housing and that abortion should never be available as a last-chance contraceptive. She was not 100% pro-life, but her view on the matter changed a lot and she was so happy about meeting me that she gave me a hug before we parted ways.

9. Are there some people who have been an inspiration to you?

I think there are many people I can look up to in my position. One person from the pro-life movement is Mr. Walter Ramm, the founder of “Aktion Leben e.V.” in Germany. He started his pro-life work in the 1970s, right after abortions were made accessible in Germany. He quit his job despite it being the only income for his family with four children. He gave his everything to stop abortion and even now – after almost 50 years – he still keeps going and he never gave up. I think that’s most important, to just keep going and never let the hardship and the darkness of the topic of abortion to get the best of you.

Photo: ProLife Europe

10. Would you share some parting thoughts?

I have met most of my best friends within the pro-life movement. I was able to experience immense personal growth during the last few years and was shown that things I never imagined are possible. I can only encourage everybody out there to join the movement – reach out to us or any other organization to get active. If everybody who is pro-life in their heart starts to say it out loud, we will all witness the end of abortion in our lifetime.

Thank you!

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